We’re back….! Onwards and upwards!

We’re back! After a few months without a manufacturer, we are very relieved to be able to say our Eazigrazer hay feeders are once again available to buy!

Sadly our previous manufacturer went into administration without being able to give us any warning, and so we have spent the last few months sorting out both that and setting up with a new manufacturer. The good news is that our new people are now fully set up and doing a brilliant job so far. Not only are do they have the best facilities we have seen, but they have made some improvements to the manufacturing process which will ensure an even better product, plus they seem to be really efficient on timescale. Onwards and upwards!

Many apologies to anyone who wanted to buy an Eazigrazer over the winter and wasn’t able to. We hope if you still choose one of our hay feeders that you will feel it was worth the wait. And thank you to all of you who stayed in touch and waited for our announcement, we really appreciate your faith and patience!

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