Eazigrazer Tips 1 of 3 (Weighing Hay)

We thought we’d share a few Eazigrazer tips, based on our most frequently asked questions as well as our own years of using the hay feeders. This little tip on weighing hay, is just the first of three!

If you’ve got an Eazigrazer but would still like to weigh your hay, then these cylinder shaped gardening bags are perfect for the job. First of all we find them so much easier to fill than a hay net, no more fighting with a tangled net! Secondly they are easy to weigh with standard weigh scales, just hook the scales on the handle and voila. And lastly they fit perfectly inside an Eazigrazer to tip out with no mess at all. Oh, and another bonus, they are also great for carrying hay to your horses, again, with zero mess. What’s not to like?? The ones we use are 45cm in diameter, and are available to buy in most garden centres and many online shops.

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