Wasp nest danger – please read

Poor horse. And owner. We get wasps in our wooden stables every year. If you see any wasps at all, take a minute to stand still and watch where they go. You will soon see if they are all heading in one direction.

North West Equine Vets Ltd (Facebook Page) – We thought we’d share a horrible incident that a colleague in another practice saw this weekend in the hope it might help save such a terrible thing happening in future


“A client lost her horse today in a horrendous way after it was attacked by a swarm of wasps sometime in the early hours of this morning. She had been shut in her field shelter for the first time in a while and the owner had not realised there was a wasp nest in there. Sadly she was severely traumatised from where she had been fighting back against this ‘invisible enemy’ and had to be euthanased.

The owner has asked me to spread the word for people to check stables and shelters for nests if they have not been used for a while. If there is a known nest in the vicinity, people should make the effort to get it removed – the consequences could be fatal and for this horse it’s last few hours were unimaginably distressing. If this saves one horse she will be happy something positive has come of her awful experience.”

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