Results like this are what makes it all worthwhile

We recently received this email from one of our customers. It’s messages like this that make it all worthwhile. Thank you so much Lesley for getting in touch and for the photo of the very handsome Eric with his Eazigrazer!

“I just thought I would let you know what a wonderful product I think the Eazigrazer is for horses. My lad is 21 years old now, I have had him ever since he was 18 months old. He had his first bout of laminitis when he was 4 and we have struggled with this horrendous condition ever since.

I have purchased every sized hole hay net on the market, some holes so small he literally gave up trying to pull the hay out, and the larger sized holes where eaten through within weeks having to tie them together with baling string. As he is IR as well, most of his diet is hay, not grass. He also developed very sore neck muscles because of constantly tugging at the hay not being able to graze in a natural position.

Then I came across the Eazigrazer. What a difference it has made, I used to hate filling nets, and I think over the last few weeks his neck muscles have seemed more relaxed. Easy to fill and more importantly more natural for a horse to eat.

The Eazigrazer is so sturdy yet so easy to carry around. I recommend any one with a horse to save up for one, the money you save on hay nets and hay, as not so much is wasted on the floor, is worth the cost. I wish I could have had one years ago.

Good luck Barry, I have told all my friends to have one.”

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