Eazigrazer Tips 2 of 3 (Moving Around)

Following on from our last post, here is tip number two! We often get asked what we recommend as the best way to move a full Eazigrazer from one place to another, especially when it’s full of soaked hay. Although you can lift your hay feeder onto a wheelbarrow, we find the easiest way to move it about is with a sack truck. Eazigrazer fits on perfectly! Available from many DIY stores or similar, as well as online of course. Great for moving bales of bedding around too, a multipurpose and handy item for any stable yard!

You may be wondering why we didn’t include wheels on our hay feeders in the first place. The reason is that we didn’t want to include anything mechanical, or any fixings etc., that could either break or cause injury. This way we can be sure that if any horse wants to throw his or her Eazigrazer around for entertainment, they can do so as much as they like without owner worry over safety of either horse or hay feeder!

For more Eazigrazer tips please take a look at our News page. Also, have you seen our You Tube channel? On there you’ll find hints and tips videos as well as a few of Eazigrazer in action.

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