Will my horse be able to remove the hay regulator?

Eazigrazer features a unique interlocking lug and channel design which prevents your horse twisting or removing the hay regulator from within the container, as well as a rubber bung which stops your horse being able to remove the regulator from the top. The design has proved to be very successful when Eazigrazer is used as we recommend. For example, we do advise that you use Eazigrazer only for hay, that you use an appropriate hay regulator size for your horse and his/her experience with Eazigrazer, and that you follow our guidelines when introducing your horse to the Eazigrazer system. Should this very unlikely scenario occur, there is nothing on either the container or feed restrictor that can injure your horse (but please note your horses hooves must be at least 3cm larger than the hay regulator hole size that you choose).

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