How do I secure Eazigrazer to a wall or fence?

We recommend that when introducing Eazigrazer you secure it to a post or wall until your horse is fully accustomed with using it. This is best done by tying one of the handles at handle level to a solid ring or similar. If you are using it in the corner of a stable, then tying with both handles at handle level will make it very secure.

When horses are completely accustomed with Eazigrazer and grazing calmly, they don’t often tip it over providing a suitable regulator is used. Those that do tip them usually work out how to pick them back up, and we have known some horses do it deliberately for entertainment! We designed Eazigrazer to be free of fixings and mechanisms so that there is nothing to injure your horse if he/she does throw it about.

However, if after an introductory period you feel you would prefer to continue with tying your Eazigrazer, or that it will work better for you and your horse, then of course you should continue to do so. We also recommend securing your hay feeder as a permanent option when using in a stable.

See here for our recommended way of securing your Eazigrazer.

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