Prevent respiratory issues

Prevent Respiratory DiseaseYour horse evolved to spend most of his time with his head and neck lowered, and this ground level feeding behaviour is essential in order to maintain healthy respiratory function. However, the problem with feeding loose hay on the ground, or even more so when feeding loose hay in a container, is that your horse is inhaling dust and spores as he searches through the hay.

Eazigrazer provides ground level feeding allowing correct respiratory function, but it also significantly reduces the dust your horse is able to breathe in. Dust and spores are contained under the hay regulator, and as your horse grazes they fall to the bottom of the container, staying there under the hay regulator until you remove them. This is enough to prevent most hay related coughs, but if your horse suffers badly with respiratory issues then Eazigrazer also provides you with a hassle free soaking solution.

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