Prevent gastric ulcers

Prevent Gastric UlcersThe ‘little and often’ natural grazing pattern of your horse means that he secretes gastric acid constantly to enable him to digest the continuous supply of food. You probably find that your horse eats loose hay very quickly, leaving long gaps and empty stomachs between typical twice a day feeds. A natural grazing pattern provides a constant mix of forage and saliva which buffers gastric acid and keeps stomach PH in balance, so it’s easy to understand why an unnatural feeding pattern is often the cause of gastric ulcers in domestic horses. There are many methods of slow feeding that can help to reduce gaps, but they usually come with problems of their own. Forced over restrictive feeding, especially in an unnatural position, will also heighten anxiety and may even increase the risk of ulcers.

Eazigrazer provides extended feeding periods, and also provides natural grazing behaviour, effectively helping you to prevent ulcers or manage an existing problem.

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