Prevent colic

Prevent Colic with EazigrazerNot only is your horse able to eat loose in hay in large amounts very quickly, which his/her digestive system is not designed for, but the unregulated bites can also lead to reduced chewing. A reduction in chewing means a lack of saliva, and this results in dry forage entering the digestive system. Either of these, or a combination of both, can be the cause of impaction colic. Hay also becomes contaminated with dirt, sand and bedding when fed on the ground, and the unavoidable ingestion of this is another common cause of colic.

Eazigrazer provides your horse with regulated bites and natural grazing behaviour, which means he will chew and salivate as nature intended him to do. It also contains your hay and prevents accidental ingestion of dirt, sand or bedding. 

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