How much will Eazigrazer slow my horse down?

Eazigrazer can be used to regulate hay consumption without the potential problems caused by other slow feeding systems (such as haynets). However, it is designed to simulate natural grazing rather than to forcefully restrict. The aim of Eazigrazer is a system that promotes happy and healthy horses, not frustrated and anxious ones, so please don’t be tempted to use too small a regulator. It is also not just a slow feeder, but a way to feed your horse at ground level, a way to feed contained hay, a way to prevent access to dust, and a soaking device.

The rate at which it will slow your horse depends on the type of hay you have (some are easier for horses to graze than others), the size of hay regulator you use, and how experienced your horse is with Eazigrazer. It also depends what your horse’s feeding routine is, with the ideal scenario being to provide enough hay so that your horse never runs out. A horse who knows he/she won’t run out of hay will graze much slower than one who becomes frustrated and hungry with gaps between feeds. It is worth trying to reach this goal – you may need to feed more hay while your horse works out that he/she won’t run out, but normally horses will slow down and eat less over time.

If your horse has unfortunately gone some time without food, or is particularly hungry at feeding time, it sometimes work well to provide a little loose hay on top of the regulator. This will go some way towards satisfying initial hunger, and then hopefully your horse will feel settled enough to graze calmly from his/her Eazigrazer from there.

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