What are the benefits of using a slow feeder?

Why use Eazigrazer you ask? Here is just a brief summary to get you started, but there is much more about how Eazigrazer hayfeeder can benefit you and your horse on our Why Eazigrazer page, so please do have a browse!

Reason #1 – Soundness
Natural low level feeding helps keep your horse soft, supple and tension free. Avoid unnecessary bodywork fees, and allow maximum performance.

Reason #2 – Behaviour
Simulated natural grazing leads to happy contented horses and prevents common behaviour problems such as weaving, cribbing, box walking and more.

Reason #3 – Health
Don’t spend money avoidable veterinary fees. Eazigrazer helps prevent and manage conditions such as EMS, Laminitis, COPD, Ulcers, and Colic.

Reason #4 – Easy Soaking
Reduce dust and sugar in your hay without the usual hassle. Eazigrazer allows you to soak, drain and feed without removing hay.

Reason #5 – Safe and Portable
Take your Eazigrazer anywhere, or move from stable to paddock. With no small parts or mechanisms to injure you or your horse.

Reason #6 – Save Time and Money
Save money on wasted hay and bedding, save money on unnecessary vets bills and bodywork fees, and save time and effort!

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