Why simulate natural grazing? (video)

As a prey and flight animal, your horse is naturally programmed to react quickly and be ready to flee at any time. Large meals and a full stomach would hinder this survival technique, and so your horse has evolved to forage and graze small amounts on an almost continuous basis. This natural foraging and grazing behaviour involves searching with the lips, tearing small amounts with the teeth, and constant chewing. Mostly at ground level.

Providing your horse with the opportunity to use this ingrained natural behaviour is essential not only for the physical health of your horse, but for psychological well being too. However, the reality is that it’s not always possible to give your horse 24/7 access to field grazing, and the alternatives are often unsatisfactory.

Eazigrazer hay feeder is the ideal solution – simulating that all important grazing behaviour for your horse!

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Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

It might not be the Christmas you envisaged, but remember, at least we don’t have to socially distance from our four legged friends! In these times I think we are particularly lucky to have them in our lives. Wishing you, your loved ones, and your horses a happy and healthy Christmas. As well as a much improved 2021…!