Eazigrazer Tips 3 of 3 (Securing)

Last but not least, here is tip number 3! Another question we are regularly asked is whether Eazigrazer can be secured and how. It’s not essential to tie your Eazigrazer, but we do recommend you do so when introducing it to your horse, and sometimes it’s just more practical to continue securing it with some horses in some situations. So we decided we’d share how we do it with some photos!

We recommend that you secure your Eazigrazer by tying at handle level, as close to the wall (or post in a paddock) as possible. The best way to do this in a stable or shelter is to secure it in a corner using both handles. Any strong bracket is fine, and any kind of tie, but the tie should be one that would break under more than average pressure. We used good old baling twine (thinned) for some time which works fine, but not the quickest to untie when needed. So we’re currently trialling the safety ties you can see in the photos. Quick and easy to attach, with a bit of give (so less pressure on both Eazigrazer and bracket), and will break under pressure. All seems ideal, and all looking good so far, but we’ll let you know how it goes long term!

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