Will you need to feed hay this summer?

Will you be feeding hay this summer? Maybe because your pasture isn’t at it’s best after that tough winter and then a very dry spring, or you have a good doer or laminitic who still needs restricted grazing no matter how little grass is out there, or you simply wish to stable your horse in the hot weather away from the flies. Whatever the reason, Eazigrazer effectively simulates that all important low level natural grazing behaviour necessary for a happy and healthy horse. A lack of grass doesn’t have to mean a lack of grazing with one of our hay feeders!

  • Prevent gastric ulcers
  • Prevent colic
  • Improve soundness
  • Manage laminitis/weight
  • Prevent respiratory issues
  • Eliminate behavioural problems
  • Save money, time and effort
  • Safe, hygenic and portable

Interested to find out how Eazigrazer can help with some of the above? Read more about our hay feeders here!

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