Is your pony underweight, overweight, or just right?

This lovely weather is perfect for growing a lush green lawn, but not such great news for our horses. We’ve noticed a lot of chubby equines out and about lately! Unfortunately so many well meaning owners genuinely don’t realise when their horse or pony is overweight. If you can’t see a horse’s ribs, then it’s more than likely he or she is not lacking in fat. Even most native ponies are not meant to be round, just you see so few slim ones that it starts to seem the norm!

However, no matter how responsible and aware you are, it is undeniably difficult to maintain a healthy weight and provide adequate grazing time on many yards at this time of year. If you are stuck with having to restrict grazing or even stable your horse, then maybe Eazigrazer could help. Our hay feeders provide natural grazing behaviour when grazing on grass just isn’t an option!

For further information about the many benefits please see – Why Eazigrazer

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