The best way to cool your horse?

Summer is definitely here…. it really is hot today! There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about what is the right or wrong thing to do when attempting to cool your horse down, but this information (from a very trustworthy source – Dr David Marlin) should dispel some of the myths. We saw this post on Facebook a while ago, but thought it was worth digging back up with today’s temperatures. It certainly cleared up a few things for us!


Other than that, what else do you do to help your horse stay comfortable? Do you stable your horse during the day in this kind of weather? We’d love a few big trees in our paddocks for shade, but unfortunately ours have to make to do with going indoors to escape heat and flies. However, we feel happy that at least they have their Eazigrazers so they can continue to graze in a natural position and don’t spend every hot day doing damage by tugging at haynets.

Do you think your horse or pony might appreciate an Eazigrazer hay feeder this summer? There are lots of happy Eaigrazer users out there already – see our testimonials for yourself!

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