Acorn poisoning – please be vigilant!

A very sad story, but an important warning. Please fence off your Oak trees at this time of year  We have LOTS of acorns this year, and because of the early autumn windy weather we are experiencing they seem to be dropping much earlier too. We know some of our horses have a taste for acorns, but we always fence off a wide area around the trees regardless. Clearing them up just doesn’t work, it’s impossible to know what your horse has eaten in between.

Article: Owner’s warning after two horses die from acorn poisoning 

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Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

It might not be the Christmas you envisaged, but remember, at least we don’t have to socially distance from our four legged friends! In these times I think we are particularly lucky to have them in our lives. Wishing you, your loved ones, and your horses a happy and healthy Christmas. As well as a much improved 2021…!