So much rain! Could Eazigrazer help you out?

This winter has certainly been a tough one so far. Can’t really complain about the mild temperatures, but oh so much rain! Our horses have had to be inside much more than we’d like, but we’re thankful they all have Eazigrazers in their stables. Could one of our hay feeders benefit you and your horse?

For your horse:
• Allows natural foraging & grazing behaviour essential for mental well-being
• Provides low level feeding preventing muscle, joint and dental issues
• Reduces access to dust and seeds therefore preventing coughs and COPD
• Regulates feeding preventing anxiety issues and possibly ulcers

For you:
• Quick and easy to fill (no more fighting with hay nets!)
• Keeps hay contained dramatically reducing the amount wasted
• Provides an easy hay soaking solution if necessary
• Easily portable and can be cleaned thoroughly with little effort

Sound interesting?

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