Recent weather and sharp increase in grass growth

As always, some very useful information shared by The Laminitis Site on their Facebook Page. Although we’ve seen much slower grass growth over spring this year, the last week of rain has probably given your grazing a boost. Not ideal for those prone to Laminitis of course, so keep a close watch and exchange grazing for low calorie/soaked hay if you are at all concerned. It’s always better to be over cautious than run into problems.

“AHDB weekly figures show a large increase in grass growth in the UK in the last week. In 2018 grass growth was starting to fall around now, and last year growth remained high well into July, suggesting that there is no “normal”. Keep an eye on grass growth inside and outside your fields, watch how much time your horse is actually eating (if he’s grazing, there’s grass!), and for horses with insulin dysregulation/a history of laminitis, if in doubt, keep them out (of the grass), or at least restrict access to grass and feed low sugar/starch forage (hay or haylage) instead.”

AHDB original information: Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
The Laminitis Site: Facebook Page

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