How easy is it to soak hay?

Very! Using Eazigrazer to soak hay saves you the mess and hassle of soaking haynets. Simply load your Eazigrazer with hay, fill with water, and drain when you are ready. Please see our how it works page for more information. Eazigrazer is easily portable, but can be heavy with soaked hay in it, so if […]

Why will Eazigrazer save me money?

Not only does Eazigrazer save you money by significantly reducing wasted hay and bedding, but it also saves potential vet and bodywork fees, and often even saves repair bills on stables and fencing! By providing your horse with a natural grazing pattern and catering for his physical and psychological needs, he may no longer feel […]

How portable is Eazigrazer?

Complete Eazigrazers weigh only 8kg and are very easy to move about. This makes them easy to move from hay barn to stable, or from stable to paddock, or even to take on trips away. It also makes them very easy to clean. However, if you need to move your Eazigrazer some distance, or if you […]