Eazigrazers loved by Sophie Wells MBE!

We were so chuffed to read this post on Facebook from Sophie Wells MBE just before Christmas! It wasn’t a sponsored post, we had no idea Sophie had been using our hay feeders long term, so we were obviously more than pleased to find out both she and her horses love them!

We spoke to Sophie not so long ago and asked for permission to share the post (thanks Sophie!), when she also told us, “I really like your Eazigrazers. I bought 3 a few years ago and many clients and people I know have got them too! It’s easy to recommend a product when I believe in them. And especially then they help performance as well as welfare.”

Sophie has since given us the below a comment to put on on our testimonial page too. So much appreciated! We love hearing from everyone who has benefited from using our hay feeders, and appreciate every comment, so please do join Sophie and write us a message or post a photo (or video) of your horses with their Eazigrazers!

“I love the eazigrazer and so do my horses ! I’ve never been a fan of hay nets and the repetitive nature of how the horses use their bodies whilst eating. But eating from the floor, there was always so much waste. I searched a lot for the perfect solution and that’s when I came across the eazigrazer online. I’ve used them for several years now with my competition horses, and I can really see a difference in their musculature, so not just for health but also for performance. They have travelled to lots of different countries with us as we just wouldn’t be without them now.”

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