Getting Started

Eazigrazer is very simple to use, but we do recommend you read the below before getting started. Follow these guidelines when introducing your hay feeder, and your horse will be happily grazing in next to no time!

Please also see our FAQ page for more hints and tips, including the best way to secure your Eazigrazer.


When introducing Eazigrazer to your horse, it is important that you also feed some hay in the way your horse is accustomed to for a few days. Most horses take to Eazigrazer immediately, but you should provide a transition period to make sure your horse doesn’t get frustrated. Once you are satisfied your horse is happy, you can feed solely with Eazigrazer.


So that your horse will easily work out how to graze from Eazigrazer, pull a few strands through each hole for at least the first few uses.


Eazigrazer is designed to be used with loose hay. To enable successful use of the grazing system, slices and flakes must be broken up.

Getting Started


When loading your Eazigrazer, fill it no higher than the point at which the lugs on the regulator are located in the downwards channels. Also make sure you don’t overly compress the hay. The regulator should rest lightly on top, it shouldn’t be under pressure from compressed hay underneath.

Getting Started


Ensure that you place the regulator the correct way up. The flat side with the holes should rest on the hay with the sides protruding above. It should sit like a dish with holes in the bottom.


We recommend that you tie your Eazigrazer to a post or wall until your horse is fully accustomed with using it (you can continue with this if you wish). This is best done by tying one of the handles at handle level to a solid ring or similar. If you are using it in the corner of a stable, then tying with both handles at handle level will make it very secure (see the FAQ page for more information).


We recommend that you keep both parts of your Eazigrazer relatively clean so that the interlocking lugs and channels continue to function smoothly. This is a quick and simple job. Eazigrazer is easy to move about, and all it needs is a regular hose out with water.

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