Here are the questions we get asked most often (click on the tabs to reveal the answers), but if there is anything you would like to know that we haven’t covered, then please get in touch via our contact page and we will do our best to help.

How much will Eazigrazer slow my horse down?

Eazigrazer can be used to regulate hay consumption without the potential problems caused by other slow feeding systems (such as haynets). However, it is designed to simulate natural grazing rather than to forcefully restrict. The aim of Eazigrazer is a system that promotes happy and healthy horses, not frustrated and anxious ones, so please don’t be tempted to use too small a regulator. It is also not just a slow feeder, but a way to feed your horse at ground level, a way to feed contained hay, a way to prevent access to dust, and a soaking device.

The rate at which it will slow your horse depends on the type of hay you have (some are easier for horses to graze than others), the size of hay regulator you use, and how experienced your horse is with Eazigrazer. It also depends what your horse’s feeding routine is, with the ideal scenario being to provide enough hay so that your horse never runs out. A horse who knows he/she won’t run out of hay will graze much slower than one who becomes frustrated and hungry with gaps between feeds. It is worth trying to reach this goal – you may need to feed more hay while your horse works out that he/she won’t run out, but normally horses will slow down and eat less over time.

If your horse has unfortunately gone some time without food, or is particularly hungry at feeding time, it sometimes work well to provide a little loose hay on top of the regulator. This will go some way towards satisfying initial hunger, and then hopefully your horse will feel settled enough to graze calmly from his/her Eazigrazer from there.

What are the dimensions of an Eazigrazer and how much hay can I fit in?

The dimensions are diameter 62cm  x  height 65 cm. How much hay you can fit in depends on how coarse or compact your hay is, and whether or not you need to soak it, but the capacity is approximately 6kg of dry hay.

Wondering how you can still weigh out hay without using a haynet? See here for our handy tip!

Can I feed haylage in an Eazigrazer?

Eazigrazer is designed to be used with hay, and is not suitable for use with haylage. Haylage sticks together and so when your horse pulls strands, the rest of the haylage in the container comes with it rather than the strands pulling away. This has potential to lead to a frustrated horse and unsuccessful use of the Eazigrazer.

Which size hay regulator do I need?

To help you make the best decision about which hay regulator will be best for your horse or pony, please see our Size Selection guideline.

How robust is Eazigrazer?

Eazigrazer is very robust. It can be used outside in the field or inside the stable, is fine to be left out in all weathers, and will withstand being thrown around by your horse. Of course everything has its limit, but it will survive most things!

How do I secure Eazigrazer to a wall or fence?

We recommend that when introducing Eazigrazer you secure it to a post or wall until your horse is fully accustomed with using it. This is best done by tying one of the handles at handle level to a solid ring or similar. If you are using it in the corner of a stable, then tying with both handles at handle level will make it very secure.

When horses are completely accustomed with Eazigrazer and grazing calmly, they don’t often tip it over providing a suitable regulator is used. Those that do tip them usually work out how to pick them back up, and we have known some horses do it deliberately for entertainment! We designed Eazigrazer to be free of fixings and mechanisms so that there is nothing to injure your horse if he/she does throw it about.

However, if after an introductory period you feel you would prefer to continue with tying your Eazigrazer, or that it will work better for you and your horse, then of course you should continue to do so. We also recommend securing your hay feeder as a permanent option when using in a stable.

See here for our recommended way of securing your Eazigrazer.

How easy is it to soak hay?

Very! Using Eazigrazer to soak hay saves you the mess and hassle of soaking haynets. Simply load your Eazigrazer with hay, fill with water, and drain when you are ready. Please see our how it works page for more information. Eazigrazer is easily portable, but can be heavy with soaked hay in it, so if you have some distance to move it to your horse then we recommend you lift it into a wheelbarrow or even easier is to use a sack truck.

See here for more information about using a sack truck.

Will my horse be able to remove the hay regulator?

Eazigrazer features a unique interlocking lug and channel design which prevents your horse twisting or removing the hay regulator from within the container, as well as a rubber bung which stops your horse being able to remove the regulator from the top. The design has proved to be very successful when Eazigrazer is used as we recommend. For example, we do advise that you use Eazigrazer only for hay, that you use an appropriate hay regulator size for your horse and his/her experience with Eazigrazer, and that you follow our guidelines when introducing your horse to the Eazigrazer system. Should this very unlikely scenario occur, there is nothing on either the container or feed restrictor that can injure your horse (but please note your horses hooves must be at least 3cm larger than the hay regulator hole size that you choose).

Can I use Eazigrazer for any size horse?

Pretty much! We have people using Eazigrazer for all shapes and sizes. It may be a little tall for Shetlands, and a little narrow for draught heads, but the average 11hh pony, the average 16.2hh sports horse, and everything in between should be fine. The only thing to consider is the hay regulator size.

Why will Eazigrazer save me money?

Not only does Eazigrazer save you money by significantly reducing wasted hay and bedding, but it also saves potential vet and bodywork fees, and often even saves repair bills on stables and fencing! By providing your horse with a natural grazing pattern and catering for his physical and psychological needs, he may no longer feel the need to chew on your property.

How portable is Eazigrazer?

Complete Eazigrazers weigh only 8kg and are very easy to move about. This makes them easy to move from hay barn to stable, or from stable to paddock, or even to take on trips away. It also makes them very easy to clean. However, if you need to move your Eazigrazer some distance, or if you are feeding soaked hay, you might prefer some help. Eazigrazers fit into the average yard wheelbarrow, but sack trucks work brilliantly and are our recommended way to move them about.

See here for more information about using a sack truck!


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