Size Selection

Choosing the right one

Eazigrazer and small pony

Eazigrazer is available with 3 different sizes of hay regulator. We recommend that in most cases you start with a 90mm hay regulator, with the exception of small ponies, and particularly large horses. The 90mm version is suitable for most types of hay, and most horses.

If your horse has used Eazigrazer in a consistently relaxed manner for some time, and you would like to slow grazing further, then you can try a 70mm regulator. These can be bought separately from our shop. We do however recommend that you keep a close watch, and return to the 90mm version if your horse gets frustrated or struggles to remove the hay. It is especially important that when introducing Eazigrazer you are not tempted to over restrict your horse. It is possible this will lead to frustration and unsuccessful use of the grazing system. 

If you have the appropriate hole size for your horse, and he/she seems to be struggling to remove the hay, then it is possible that your hay is too coarse for that particular size and you should try the next size up (taking into account hoof size). Also note that soaked hay is always more difficult to remove.

Eazigrazer slow hay feederSelection guideline:

  • 70mm holes: For feeding hay to small ponies. Possibly large ponies/horses who are fully accustomed to and easily using the 90mm holes.
  • 90mm holes: Our standard size and starter hay regulator for all but very small and very large equines.
  • 100mm holes: For large horses, and possibly when feeding coarse hay.

Please Note: Your horse’s hooves must be a minimum of 3cm larger in diameter than hay regulator holes to prevent possible entrapment and injury.

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