About Us

We have always tried our best to provide our own horses with the most natural life we can give them, especially when it comes to feeding. We have never liked using haynets because we don’t like our horses eating in an unnatural position, and prefer to avoid the muscle, teeth and breathing problems this can cause. However, feeding on the floor usually means a lot of waste in both hay and bedding, hay contaminated with dirt and possibly parasites, and many hours with nothing to eat because the hay is finished so quickly. We don’t consider either a healthy option so we tried to find an alternative that would work for both us and our horses.

Our initial answer was to make home made hay feeders from a wooden box and metal grill. These worked well for us for a while, and meant we were at least able to feed our horses in a more natural position without the waste. However, we couldn’t move them easily, they got chewed, we couldn’t clean them effectively (after a time they ended up with mould in the nooks and crannys) and if we left them out in the fields they eventually rotted and had to be replaced. We then tried various hay feeders available for purchase, but couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, so in the end we decided we would look into producing our own design.

We literally lost blood sweat and tears over it, but we are really pleased with the result. Our horses love them, so do we, and we are so excited be able to offer them to other like-minded horse owners!

We can’t imagine looking after our horses without Eazigrazer now, and we are sure you will feel the same. We love to hear from our customers, so please do get in touch and let us know!

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