“Thank you so much for our lovely Eazigrazer! My 15 year old KWPN gelding
happily took to it immediately (please see photo attached)

I purchased the Eazigrazer after some months of consideration, with the
following aims:
1. for my horse to eat at a lower feeding level to help aid his digestion &
top line condition.
2. a way for him to eat his ad-lib forage slowly! Again aiding digestion.
3. as a safe & hygienic way for my horse to eat.

Unfortunately my horse has had to consume his forage from haynets for many
years, which I’m sure has contributed to a loss of back muscle definition
and soreness throughout his neck. He had to have hay nets as he eats really
fast (& it was more convenient for my livery yard owner) so it was a matter
of which was the lesser of two evils, as he also suffers from sporadic
colic. This has been investigated and is more often than not due to gorging
on rich grass/hay or a build up of sand in his gut due to where we are

He has time-limited turnout 9 months of the year and has to wear a grazing
muzzle, alongside eating a carefully selected feed, some wet hay, and
occasional treatments for his gut health.

Other than that he’s a wonderful, loving & happy horse who’s a really good
doer and gets plenty of exercise, so I’m hoping the Eazigrazer will become a
favourite product of both of ours & will help improve his health & welfare
even further.”

Jasmine – Surrey

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