“Having been a lifelong hay net user, I was sceptical about spending the money on an Eazigrazer, but I am delighted that I did. For the first 3 years of having my “greedy” cob, I was using small holed hay nets, or loose in a trug which he kicked round the stable, and then a hay pillow (suitable for unshod horses) which ended up trampled into his bed every morning. Fed up with all the mess and not happy for him to continue using a hay net, I finally bought an Eazigrazer last month.

I can genuinely say that it is a really good, robust, well-made piece of kit, and so easy to use. My horse took to it immediately, and already seems much happier and calmer when eating his hay. No more tugging at the hay, putting a strain on his neck, just quietly grazing naturally. The grazer is easy to move around the stable, and the regulators are easy to take out to clean the inside.

The customer service I received during and after purchase has been excellent, and each time I have emailed with any questions I have had a reply within a few hours. All in all, my horse is happy, and so am I. If anyone is in any doubt about buying one of these, I would highly recommend it.”

Jane – Dorset

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