Why Eazigrazer helps prevent COPD

It’s well known that high level feeding from haynets can hinder correct respiratory function, but providing loose hay on the floor can mean more hay is trampled into bedding than is eaten. So is a low level hay manger the ideal solution? Not necessarily. Feeding loose hay in a container means your horse is inhaling dust and spores as he searches through the hay.

Eazigrazer hay feeder allows contained feeding at low level, but significantly reduces the dust your horse is able to breathe in. Dust and spores are trapped under the hay regulator, and as your horse grazes they fall to the bottom of the container, staying there until you remove them.

This is enough to prevent most hay related coughs, but if your horse suffers badly with respiratory issues or has been diagnosed with COPD, then Eazigrazer also provides you with a hassle free soaking solution!

For more information please have a read of our website – www.eazigrazer.co.uk

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