Confused about stomach ulcers?

We found this brilliant little video (courtesy of Cavalor) explaining the causes and effects of ulcers without baffling you with science! And the essential message? Provide your horse with regular small amounts of forage and limit stress as much as possible. Sounds simple? Not always. But maybe Eazigrazer can help!

Read more about how Eazigrazer can help you manage and also prevent ulcers:…/slow-feeder-for-horses


Eazigrazer news (and other musings)

Is winter on its way already….?

It seems to have happened almost overnight, but autumn is well and truly here! Cold nights and fluffy ponies. Brrrr. Time to start thinking about your winter routine? Could Eazigrazer could make life a little easier for you this year? Read more about possible benefits, whether your horse will be stabled or living out 24/7.