A testimonial from Jacob himself (with video)!

Another fabulous testimonial we’d like to share with you… in fact two testimonials… one directly from the horse’s mouth! Thank you so much Jane for taking the time to write these and for sending them to us – we’re really happy Jacob is getting on so well with his Eazigrazer!

Jane’s own testimonial can be found here

And here is the one from Jacob….!

“Hi, I’m Jacob. I am 9 years old and have been eating my hay out of hay nets with teeny tiny holes in for years. I was getting really fed up with having to pull and wrench the hay out and sometimes my neck would hurt, also my teeth started to look a bit brown. Then my Mum started putting it in a trug, and I ate it too quickly as I am a bit greedy and kicked it around my stable and made a mess, so she bought a hay pillow, which I did the same with and then I pooped on it!

But one day I came in and there was this big green thing in my stable like the one my friend Lola has in her stable, and I wondered what it was at first. Then my Mum showed me that it had my lovely hay in it, and then I wasn’t scared at all. Now I can eat my hay nice and slowly, and I don’t waste it anymore.

My neck has stopped hurting and it’s comfortable just like when I eat the grass in the field.

I am so pleased my Mum loves me enough to buy me an Eazigrazer, and I know she is very happy she did.”

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